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andiloveyoumore's Journal

crush me baby :: a community for lovers
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You MUST join aily_members before you will be accepted for membership here. You don't have to add it to your friends list, just join. Member related updates will be posted there.

You must be atleast 16 years of age.

When you join, please post the New Member Survey within 4 days. This is NOT a rating community, the survey is just a way for us to get to know our members. It also allows me to add you to the Anniversary list.

Please title your Intro post something along the lines of My Intro Survey. It will then be added to the memories. And you will be added to the member list.

Be friendly and polite. Treat others as you wish to be treated, as they say.

Be active! Participate in community activities and weekly theme posts.

Tell your friends!

When you post your pictures, please also include one of just yourself and one of just your S/O for the Member List. They need to be seperate pictures. This way our Long Distance Relationships can also be on the list.

To show that you have read this, for question number 9, please put "yes, and i love you more."

If you have any questions, comments, or concerns, feel free to contact one of your Moderators; deja_vous or one_xkiss.

1. Names:
2. Ages:
3. Location(s):
4. Status and Length of relationship?:
5. Anniversary Date:
6. How did you meet?:
7. How did you start dating?:
8. How did you hear about andiloveyoumore?:
9. Did you read the rules?
10. Both of your livejournal usernames (if applicable):
11. Post pictures behind an lj-cut:

New Member Surveys can be read here.

Jesy Joy



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