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welcome to andiloveyoumore!
a community for lovers.
membership is currently moderated.
you must also join aily_members.
please comment here if you would like to become a member!
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I'd love to join! I joined aily_members as well.
I heard about this community from my friend Audrey and it looks like it fits me perfect...Tell me what I need to do to join...Ariell
just read the userinfo and click join in both communities. :)
I want to be a member!!
got you in both. welcome!
I'd like to join. :)
I'd like to become a member.
I would like to join =)
go ahead and click join to both communities and i'll accept. :)
i would like to join! =D

Please...*hopeful eyes*
i'm about to revamp the entire community, but you will be added soon. i promise. :)
I would like to join as well, please and thank you.
I would like to join as did. I did both. I think I did them right!
bon jour!

wee, wee, wee...

umm, can i join? *happy laughter*

if no, please make the rejection slow and painful so i can remember not to use my french accent next time i ask to join a community.


amore', love you and all,
-me ;o)
ohhhh somewhere new to brag about my brian!

add meee!!!!
i would like to be a member
i want to be a member
Member Member! HERE HERE! pls:) and Thanxs
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